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Soil and Rock:If you build on it, if you build in it, if you live on it, if you use it, then you have entered the world of geotechnical engineering.

  1. Building over a pipeline. Will our equipment damage the pipe line?
  2. Lost a nuclear silo? Can you help us find it?
  3. We have soft soils to 30 m under our site. What can we build?
  4. My building is sliding down hill every spring. Can you help us find out what is happening?

Egmond Associates Ltd offer services to address these questions and more. 


Seismic Site Class


Modern design considers earthquakes. We offer on site testing for Seismic Site Class using our passive seismic arrays to capture background seismic noise. From that we can develop the Seismic Site Class for you or your designers.

  1. A manhole in our streets is settling more each year.Could truck loads be the cause?
  2. Is there anything I can do to improve the site class of my site? 

Egmond Associates Ltd deal with cyclic issues in soils. 


Bearing Capacity


How strong do soils need to be?  That question is perhaps the most basic question of geotechnical engineering. Soil strength for foundations is normally thought of in terms of bearing capacity. Bearing capacity is the force per unit area that a soil can support without unpleasant consequences. 

  1. We have cracks in our walls. Can you help us figure out what is going on?
  2. Our doors and windows stick more all the time and sometimes break? Could soil issues be involved. 
  3. Pipelines are getting pitted and full of holes.  Could soil issues be involved?

Egmond Associates Ltd offer services to answer these questions. 416-782-7227

A Hillside


Photo 1989. Montreal Gazette

One does not often worry about hills. After all. What can go wrong? 

Actually failures of hills, excavations, or landslides are among the most deadly of geotechnical events.

Slope Stability Investigation?

Slope Failure?

Hillside Cracks? 

If so call


Arctic WEVE Inc.


Our team is pleased to announce our affiliation with Arctic WEVE Inc., in Yellowknife, to serve western Canada and Northern Canada.

Projects include: 

  1. Storm Water Management Plan Review Yellowknife
  2. Public Works Building Geotechnical - Fort Smith 
  3. Phase I and II for Industry - Yellowknife
  4. Park Geotechnical for Parking Area Prosperous Lake - Yellowknife


Geoenvironmental - Phase I, II, Record of Site Condition


Would you want to buy this for your next food packaging operation?  An environmental investigation can prevent costly purchase and sale mistakes. Changing land use from industrial to residential? Have Excess soil?

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Engineering Support

Utilities Review


Buying New Real Estate

Are there water, phone, sewage, gas and electrical facilities on site? If so:

  1. Is there enough capacity for your use?
  2. Are the on site facilities up to your needs? 
  3. Can the supplier provide what you need.
  4. Need to assess the condition of the infrastructure?
  5. Need to trace where that infrastructure goes?

If so, call us. 416-782-7227

Environmental Compliance


One cannot operate in a rules free vacuum.Either there are regulations, banking and money rules, or court ordered compensations.

  1. Environmental compliance can be as easy as obtaining a permit to carry out activity by reporting of the activity to a complex multi year undertaking. 
  2. Planning a new activity?
  3. Banks require proof you are acting environmentally friendly?
  4. Regulators want to be sure a process is environmentally secure?
  5. Want to have proof for customers you are a good environmental citizen?

If so, call us. 416-782-7227

Storm and Ground Water Options


Storm Water can carry contaminants or excess water from your sites. Paving over a site can reduce infiltration and result in large overland flows. Goundwater can be depleted by diverting runoff.

Our SAGES (TM) technology offers  options for surface water volume and contaminant reduction while helping maintain healthy aquifers and rivers.

  1. Need to reduce flows leaving your site?
  2. Need to reduce contaminants from your site?
  3. Want to replenish aquifers?
  4. Want to help maintain coldwater streams?
  5. Need a storm water management plan for a site or community? 

If so, perhaps we can help.


Crime Prevention through Environmental Design


Crime bring property value down.

Crime makes occupants feel unsafe or unwelcome.

  1. As a result: underperforming real estate portfolios, rotating tenants, damage, losses. 
  2. Want to protect real estate value?
  3. Want to Get and maintain paying tenants?
  4. Want to maintain traffic in real estate?

Consider CPTED. With our colleagues at Urban In Mind lets talk. 416-782-7227

Alternative Energy


Our team considers Geothermal energy for heat and electrical generation a tool for the future.

We are developing tools for that purpose. 

  1. Have a remote site needing sustainable energy?
  2. Have a mine needing 50 years of secure green electrical energy?
  3. Want to eliminate fossil fuels from your energy mix as much as possible?

If so, our team would like to hear from you. 


Movement Measurement


Have Cracks and want to know if these are growing?

Want to know if buildings are settling adjacent to your work?

We can measure or evaluate the position derivatives (displacement, speed, acceleration, jerk, snap, crackle and pop?

  1. Have movements in rail?
  2. Have movements of walls or windows?
  3. Need to know accelerations of moving parts?

If so, call us 416-782-7227